If the state in which we have a project is not highlighted on your website map, does that mean you won’t work there?

No. The map represents geographical areas in which we are currently working or have worked recently. We regularly expand into new states and cities and are always willing to consider new states. Obtaining new licenses and mobilizing in new locations is consistent with our growth strategy.

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Are you bonded/bondable?

Yes. We can bond any project.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Our insurance coverage for workers compensation, general liability,
auto and umbrella far exceeds most statutory and customer requirements.

Since TCC offers so many products and services, must I always buy an entire package with all items you’ve bid?

No. Even though we prefer to provide as much as we can to each customer,
we can contract to do as little as one trade so long as such an agreement makes sense for both parties.

Do I get a better deal if I buy more products from you?

Yes. We try to price everything competitively from the outset, but there
can be opportunities to save money by expanding the scope of a contract. Even in situations where the pricing is already so competitive no additional discounts are available, you’ll be getting a better deal by having a “one-stop-shop” to coordinate and work with to get the project complete. The more products and services we can provide you with, the more we can help you finish the project on time and within budget.

Will you contract to provide the material only or the labor only?

Yes. Although we discourage this approach, we recognize that some
customers prefer to buy their materials and labor separately.

Do you work on Military or Government Installations?

Yes. We are experienced with all branches of the military but primarily
through privatization projects. We offer all of our products and have the qualified personnel to professionally manage the largest projects anywhere in the United States. Please feel free to request references dedicated to this market sector.

Are you familiar with and compliant with the Davis Bacon Act?

Yes. Many of our projects require us to be compliant with the Davis Bacon
Act and thus our field personnel and administrative staff are well trained and accustomed to the requirements and reporting.

Will you work directly with my designers and architects with product selections?

Absolutely. We welcome the opportunity and will make our sample room
available to them or have the appropriate staff schedule an appointment to go to their facility. We are here to assist you in building a project that exceeds expectations from conception to completion.

If I need product samples and/or literature how can you help?

Our facility in Houston, Texas is not only the home office for our national
operation, but it houses an 800 square foot sample room with floor to ceiling cabinets containing the latest products available across our product lines. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can always order it. If you are not able to come to our facility, we can ship you products and samples. Also, our trained staff regularly travels throughout the country to meet with owners, developers, architects and designers to help in the design and value-engineering stage of our projects.

Does your company service the replacement needs of existing apartment properties?

No. We are a subcontractor for new construction projects. As a project nears
completion, we try to insure that the property managers have been given a listing of all of the products we have provided, as well as warranty information. This helps them provide necessary specification information to their replacement vendors. We will also, occasionally, sell the product directly to the property management if their vendor is having trouble purchasing it.

Do you have local offices throughout the United States? If not, how do you service my needs nationwide?

We do not have offices everywhere, but we have foremen and installers
in all geographical regions of the country. We also have warehouses in strategic locations for storage of materials and we work closely with our suppliers to coordinate local deliveries and timing.

Does your company perform residential or retail work?

No. TCC is strictly a subcontractor to multi-family builders.